Warranty Information (PDF download)

The following items are covered for a period of 2 years:

  • Rotting of timber (we dont cover rot where pot plants etc have been sitting on the deck and or where excesive foliage etc has grown onto or over the deck or balustrade)
  • Warping of deck boards
  • Tightening of balustrade nuts bolts, cable tensioners and coach screws is the responsibility of the client.
  • We do not cover broken pickets due to negligance of the client i.e broken by excesive force etc
  • Gates are not covered in the warrantee
  • Bank or soil movement or erosion that causes the deck to sag or drop is the responsibility of the client.
  • Sealers are not covered in the warrantee.
  • The filling of holes is not covered
  • Warrentee is transferrable subject to eco sundecks being notified as well a site inspection eco sundecks has the right not to accept the transfer
  • If the full and final invoice amount is not settled the warrantee is void
  • If the deck is extended by another decking company or persons the warrantee is then void
  • This warranty will become null and void if eco sundecks do not maintain your sundeck annually
Download PDF version of our online warrantee

This deck table, complete with benches for only:


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