Sealing and Hardware Info

All our deck are sealed with a waterbased sealer. This sealer requires maintenance every 8 - 18months depending on the weather that the deck receives.We plug all the holes on the balustrade. We can plug the deck board holes as an extra.

Screws used are kal gaurded with stainless steel being an optional extra.


Do we seal our sundecks?
This is included the price unless one specifically does not want there Balau deck sealed. It is advisable to seal pine decks.

Do we use an engineer?

Do we fill all screw holes?
Yes on the balustrade capping and headers. Decking is an extra charge

Do decks need maintenance?
Yes they do according to the amount of wear and tear on the deck. Balau generally needs more maintenance unless you leave it unsealed

How big should my deck be?
One must take into account ones budget and what the usage of the deck will be and whether one will be placing furniture on it.

Where should I position the deck?
Again according to the usage but normally the closer to the house the better

How many people can my deck carry?
We build and design according to your very needs . Domestic decks are usually built to hold one person per square metre i.e.. 18 sq deck will hold 18 people

What balustrade style should I choose?
One should take into account children, small animals and the view before making a choice. Please refer to our album of balustrade styles

What screws do we use?
We either use stainless steel or kal-guarded screws.

Do we offer warrantees?
Yes please discuss this with our representative.

Where can our work be seen?
Please ask our rep to supply you with list of references.


This deck table, complete with benches for only:


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